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November 24, 2007

Mochi-mochi soybean flour doughnut

November 24, 2007 11:19 AM | cooked , dessert , recipes

Mochi-mochi soybean flour doughnut Image*Outline
The soybean flour doughnut that can enjoy Mohci-Mochi (texture like the rice cake) texture. It is a point to use the bean curd instead of the egg. That "Mohci-Mochi" feeling thought to be able to taste only with the doughnut of the shop can be made from my hand.

Mochi-mochi soybean flour doughnut Image*Ingredients
Pancake mix:70-80g

Silk bean curd:50g

Tapioca powder(rice flour):50g

Soybean flour:Proper quantity

Sugar(granulated sugar):Proper quantity

Oil:Proper quantity

1:The silk bean curd is added to the pancake mix and mixes it politely.

2:The tapioca powder (rice flour) is put in the container besides '1', and it kneads while adding 1 glass of water with the spoon. To become the stiffness of the earlobe, the amount of water is adjusted.

3:'1' and '2' are mixed well. This becomes a source. It leaves it as it is for about ten minutes.

4:The cooking seat is cut in the square. '3' is put in the pastry bag, and to round on the cooking seat, begins to squeeze it.

5:Oil is heated about 170 degrees. And, '4' of each cooking seat is put. It deep-fries until toasting.

6:Soybean flour and are in the rising doughnut.


1:Note the amount of the water when the tapioca powder is mixed. When it is a lot of, it is not settled well.

2:When the cooking seat comes off from the doughnut when deep-frying, only the seat is previously taken out.

3:When roundly squeezing it with a pastry bag, let's make the part where the center has become empty large. When deep-frying, it swells and it becomes a just good hole.

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