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December 23, 2007

Rare Yatuhashi

December 23, 2007 09:21 PM | cooked , dessert , microwave , recipes

Rare Yatuhashi Image*Outline
Rare Yatuhashi famous as the cake in the Kyoto area. A peculiar texture and the smell can be made also at home. If the amount of the material is changed into my inclination, original Rare Yatuhashi will be able to be made. Who 'I like Rare Yatuhashi. However, if I do not go to Kyoto, I cannot eat.....' grieves , please try it.

Rare Yatuhashi Image*Ingredients
Rice flour (tapioca powder):60g

Rice flour(Jyo-shin ko):40g



Soybean flour:30g

Cinnamon powder:5g

Bean jam:Proper quantity

1:Soybean flour and the cinnamon powder are mixed.

2:Rice flour and water are put in the bowl. Mixes it so that there is no inclination.

3:The rice flour is mixed with '2'. Mixes deliberatelyit with the spoon and the mixing stick. And, Mixes it further adding sugar.

4:The Saranwrap is put on '3'. And, heats it with the microwave oven for about 2 minutes. Heats it with the microwave oven for 1 and a half minutes politely putting mixing and a repeated Saranwrap with the spoon wet with water. And, mixes it again. This becomes a base of Rare Yatuhashi.

5:'1' is paved on the counter evenly. And, '4' is put on the stand. In addition, thinly extends it with the noodle stick while putting soybean flour and the cinnamon powder on that.

6:'5' is cut in the square with the kitchen knife. And, bean jam is put on the center. In addition, to become a triangle, encompasses it.


1:When the rice flour is added, I will firmly mix it. Neither rice flour nor the rice flour mix well when the way to mix is insufficient.

2:2:The base cannot harden when moisture is a too little, and it extend it thinly.

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