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December 22, 2007

Boiled food of taro and chicken

December 22, 2007 12:07 PM | cooked , main , meat , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Boiled food of taro and chicken Image*Outline
A purely Japanese style side dish that matches the taro and chicken and cooked it. Sweetness with a warm taro is suitable for the texture of chicken well. Green of the podded pea becomes a color accent, and externals are also beautiful.

Boiled food of taro and chicken Image*Ingredients

Salt:A little

Chicken(thigh meat):150g


Field pea:7-8 pieces

Salad oil:One big spoon

Seasoning soup:300cc

Dish sake:1 big spoon

Mirin:1 big spoon

Sugar:1 teaspoon

Soy sauce:1 big spoon

1:The taro peels off the skin. And, the salt is seen. And, after it washes in water, the water is wiped off.

2:Chicken is cut in the size eaten in one mouthful. The carrot peels off the skin. And, it cuts it rough.

3:The salad oil is put and heated to the pan. And, it heats adding chicken. It stir-fries for about 3 minutes adding the taro and the carrot after it stir-fries for about 1 minute. And, it heats it by the medium flame further adding the seasoning soup.

4:The lye that has floated while heating '3' is scooped. It crowds as it is at about 8 minutes when lye can be taken.

5:The dish sake, the mirin, the soy sauce, and sugar are added to '4'. And, it makes it to the low flame. It cooks it until the boiling soup becomes half.

6:In the pan besides '5', the podded pea is boiled with the hot water.

7:'5' is dished up to the plate. And, '6' is put.


1:Please give to me as follows when it is troublesome to boil the podded pea with another pan. Please add the small quantity of water to a heatproof plate, put the podded pea, cover with the Saranwrap, and heat it for about three minutes.

2:Let's take lye enough. Delicious is reduced by half.

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