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December 22, 2007

Chocolate Chinese bun and cream Chinese bun

December 22, 2007 12:05 PM | cooked , dessert , egg , microwave , recipes

Chocolate Chinese bun and cream Chinese bun Image*Outline
A Chinese bun that the chocolate and the cream that was able to be made with the microwave oven entered. It completes by using the material that is familiar and obtained at a little time. Delicious sweets are ready though shape is not good.

Chocolate Chinese bun and cream Chinese bun Image*Ingredients
Pancake mix:100g

Salad oil:1 big spoon

Milk:2 big spoons + 200g

Cocoa:3 teaspoons

Flour:2 big spoons

Tapioca powder(rice flour = Shiratama-Ko):2 big spoons


The yolk of an egg:As many as 1 piece

Vanilla essence:Proper quantity

1:Flour, the tapioca powder, and are put in the bowl. And, mixes it while adding the milk 200g little by little. Mixes it further holding the yolk of an egg in one's mouth at the end. Heats it with the microwave oven as it is for 5 minutes when finishing mixing it. It doesn't heat at a time, it puts out to "It overheats for 1 minute and mix it" and "It overheats for 2 minutes and mix it" ways several times on the way, and mixes it.

2:The small quantity of water is added to 2 big spoons of the cocoa and each 1 big spoon and it kneads. It separately makes it.

3:The vanilla essence is added to '1'. And, it divides into the half. As many as one teaspoon '2' is added to one and mixes it. This becomes custard cream.

4:The cloth is made. The salad oil and 2 milk big spoons are added to the pancake mix. And, it often kneads by the hand. As many as two big spoon '2' is added to one separately for the half and it mixes it. After of each is halved, and it rounds it, it flattens it.

5:It puts it on the cloth that doesn't put anything with the cocoa of '3'. The cocoa of '3' puts on the cloth that the cocoa enters and the cup puts that it is not. And, it ceases talking respectively and it encompasses it with the Saranwrap.

6:'5' is heated with the microwave oven for 1 minute and about 30 seconds.



1:When the cloth is made, the cloth is not settled well when the amount of milk is large. You may put milk in few, and add little by little.

2:Please eat while it is hot. It hardens when getting cold, and delicious is reduced by half.

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