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December 20, 2007

Hamburg steak placed with lotus root and burnt

December 20, 2007 10:14 AM | cooked , egg , main , meat , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Hamburg steak placed with lotus root and burnt Image*Outline
The side dish that chicken with the lotus root and delicious with the textures matches to exquisiteness. It is exactly suitable for the side menu of sake in the side dish of meal though of course. Because a good dish of the make for time, it does recommended to put the looking honor.

Hamburg steak placed with lotus root and burnt Image*Ingredients
Lotus root:About 10cm

Bird minced meat:200g

White Welsh onion:10cm


Ginger:A little

Seasoning with salt and pepper:A little

Potato starch:Proper quantity

Vinegar:Proper quantity

1:The skin of the lotus root is peeled off. And, it makes to 5mm in thickness and it makes it to the round slices. Water and vinegar are put in the bowl a little. The lotus root is put in the bowl. Let's put it for about 10 minutes.

2:A white Welsh onion is minced. It mixes it with seasoning with salt and pepper the bird minced meat of the white Welsh onion and, the egg, and the ginger that is rubbed and lowered. It mixes it even times how many stickily.

3:The lotus root of '1' is taken out, and moisture is wiped off with the kitchen paper etc. And, potato starch is sprinkled to both sides of the lotus root.

4:What worked over with the lotus root by '2' is placed between the top and bottom like the sandwich.

5:Both sides of '4' are burnt with the frying-pan. Scorching burns only a little until attaching. And, a little water is put in the frying-pan, it caps, and it makes it to roasting in a covered pan.


1:Note the thickness of the lotus root. It cracks when the chicken is placed when it is too thin. The fire doesn't pass at the time of roasting in a covered pan when it is too thick.

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