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December 15, 2007

Fried lotus root

December 15, 2007 02:42 PM | cooked , dessert , recipes , side , vegetable & fruit

Fried lotus root Image*Outline
The deep-frying thing with which the lotus root was easily deep-fried. You may be surprised at it is possible to make easily and unexpected delicious. It is recommended also in sweets and the relish.

Fried lotus root Image*Ingredients
Lotus root:80-100g

Vinegar:A small amount

Seasoning with salt and pepper:Proper quantity

Frying oil:Proper quantity

1:The lotus root peels off the skin. And, it soaks it in water that put vinegar in for about 10 minutes.

2:'1' is sliced. About 1-2mm of thickness might be good.

3:Oil is heated and hot of 150 degrees. And, it deep-fries until putting '2' in oil and becoming light brown.

4:'3' is cut and oil is cut with newspaper etc. And, seasoning with salt and pepper is put on the lotus root.


1:It cuts to even thickness if the slicer is used.

2:It is easy to pass the fire to the lotus root. Note deep-frying too much because it discolors at once.

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