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December 08, 2007

Good texture Chaozu

December 8, 2007 10:52 AM | cooked , main , meat , microwave , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Good texture Chaozu Image*Outline
The chaozu that can be made from readily available materials now if there are skins of the chaozu on the marke. Difficulty Level is low though it takes time a little. The lotus root was added this time, and it made it to the one that it was able to enjoy a changeable texture.

Good texture Chaozu Image*Ingredients
Pig minced meat:150g

Chinese cabbage:Several pieces

Garlic:1 pieces

Ginger:1 pieces

Lotus root:50g

Salad oil:2 big spoons

Sesame oil:1 teaspoon

Sugar:A little

Salt:A little

Vinegar:Proper quantity

Skin of chaozu:20 pieces

1:The lotus root is beautifully washed. And, it applies it to water that adds the vinegar of the proper quantity. The purpose of it is to take lye (For about 20 minutes). When lye is pulled out, it finely chops small.

2:The Chinese cabbage is carved in detail. And, it puts on a heatproof plate with '1' and the Saranwrap is put. And, it heats it for about 3 minutes. And, it leaves for a while, it cools, it squeezes, and the water is pulled out.

3:Garlic and ginger are grated respectively.

4:'2', '3', and sesame oil, sugar, and the salt are added to the pig minced meat. And, it kneads many times. Please knead until the stickiness comes out.

5:'4' is scooped by as many as one spoon, and it puts it on the center of the skin of the chaozu. And, it encompasses it.

6:A small amount of hot water is boiled.

7:The frying-pan is heated and the salad oil is added. It makes to the medium flame and '5' is arranged.

8:When the combustion color of '7' comes into view to respect in the bottom of the frying-pan, it caps it at once pouring hot water (50cc). And, it makes it to the low flame. It burns by the low flame for about 2-3 minutes.

9:In addition, it makes to the medium flame and it keeps burning. Please burn from on the frying-pan to disappearing of moisture.


1:Please weave to apply water to the skin of the chaozu by the finger to trace the outer part of the skin after contents are put on the center in the place where contents are encompassed and to bring the skin together. Contents are shut on that, and to crowd, it is suitable and suppresses the skin in the part.

2:It is not possible to burn off and a remaining chaozu is encompassed with the Saranwrap. And, it lasts long when freezing.

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