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January 12, 2008

Salad of radish and carrot

January 12, 2008 11:02 AM | cooked , recipes , side , vegetable & fruit

Salad of radish and carrot Image*Outline
An easy salad that used the radish and the carrot. Because the fire is not used, it is possible to make it safely. The article that can be made at once when thinking that the vegetable is insufficient for meal.

Salad of radish and carrot Image*Ingredients


Salt:A little

Vinegar:1 big spoon

Soy sauce:1 big spoon

Sugar:Teaspoon 1/2

Sesame:A little

1:The radish peels off the skin. The carrot also peels off the skin. And, both are made a thickish tear.

2:It starts salting '1'. And, it lightly massages it by the hand. It washes in water when the salt taste is printed and it becomes fresh somewhat. And, the water is cut.

3:'Sanbai-Zu 'is made mixing vinegar, the soy sauce, and sugar.

4:'3' is added to '2' and it mixes it firmly. And, it puts it for about 5 minutes.

5:'4' is moved to the plate and sesame is sprinkled.


1:You may use dressing instead of Sanbai-Zu.

2:It becomes pickles if the salt is applied too much or massages it too much. It keeps moderate.

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