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July 12, 2008

Kind of fish sausage curry chaozu

July 12, 2008 02:00 PM | cooked , recipes , side

Kind of fish sausage curry chaozu Image*Outline
The kind of fish sausage and the curry powder of readily available materials were comparatively used. An unexpected combination unites into one and a new taste is made. The appetite will be improved to a fragrant smell of the curry powder.

Kind of fish sausage curry chaozu Image*Ingredients
Skin of chaozu:6 pieces

Kind of fish sausage:2

Curry powder:1 teaspoon

Tomato ketchup:1 big spoon

Salad oil:Proper quantity

Sesame oil:1 teaspoon

1:The kind of fish sausage is cut in half length. And, it cuts it more diagonally and thinly.

2:'1' and the proper quantity of the curry powder and catsup are put in the bowl. And, mix it.

3:'2' is put on the skin of the chaozu with the spoon, it makes to folding twice, and encompass it. It shuts from the edge little by little.

4:The salad oil is put in the frying-pan and heat it. '3' is arranged like the radiation and put it when heating it enough. And, it burns by the medium flame for about 3 minutes until the color attaches to the skin.

5:When the color attaches to the skin, water is done like the medium flame and the cap in addition to the frying-pan is done in 100cc. Make it to roasting in a covered pan as it is for about 3 minutes.

6:The lid is removed and make it to the high heat. And, to hang to the entire chaozu, sesame oil is added. In addition, burn heating it for about 1 minute.


1:You will somewhat cut the rather short the kind of fish sausage. It doesn't enter the skin of the chaozu when it is long.

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