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September 21, 2008

Deep-fried batter balls croquette modoki

September 21, 2008 10:30 AM | cooked , main , recipes

Deep-fried batter balls croquette modoki Image*Outline
The texture like the croquette was reproduced by roundly hardening the potato with deep-fried batter balls. Tasting that Can of deep-fried batter balls and greasy eat the croquette in the mouth is produced.(*'modoki' means 'like the original but not the same'.)

Deep-fried batter balls croquette modoki Image*Ingredients
Potato:1 piece

Salt:A little

Pepper:A little

Mayonnaise:1 big spoon

Ham:1 piece

Deep-fried batter balls:1/2 cup(100cc)

Worcester sauce: Proper quantity

1:The potato peels off the skin. And, cut it in the quadrangle with all sides of 3 centimeters. And, put in the pan with water, and boil it by the medium flame for about 5 minutes. Please boil it until the fire passes in the potato.

2:'1' is taken out of the hot water, and put it in the bowl. And, crush lightly.

3:The salt, the pepper, the mayonnaise, and the ham cut in detail are added to '2'. And, often mix well.

4:Deep-fried batter balls is put in '3'. And, mix it.

5:Harden it to the shape of the ball separately for an appropriate amount.

6:The Worcester sauce is put on '5'.


1:A person not good at the mayonnaise may not put it.

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