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October 04, 2008

Circle bolo

October 4, 2008 11:10 AM | cooked , dessert , egg , recipes

Circle bolo Image*Outline
It is possible to make it by sweets of a good old-fashioned, gentle taste using the pancake mix by my hand. Even if the chocolate etc. to say nothing of eating as it is are put, it can be delicious.

Circle bolo Image*Ingredients
Egg:1 piece


Soft brown sugar (Usual in case of not being):20g

Condensed milk(Milk in case of not being):2 big spoons.


1:Margarine is put in the bowl, and mix it with the bubble container. In addition, mix with the soft brown sugar.

2:The egg is divided, mixed, and it adds to '1'. In addition, mix it adding water and the condensed milk.

3:The pancake mix is added to '2'. And, mix it until disappearing like the powder.

4:'3' is put on the board only for the oven that paves the cooking seat with a pastry bag etc..Thickness must become circle of 1 centimeter and 5 centimeters in the diameter.

5:Water is applied to the finger. And, the upsurge part at the center of the cloth of '4' is flattened.

6:'5' is burnt with the oven for 12 minutes.


1:I will make margarine at the normal temperature.

2:The softness can also harden it by adjusting the combustion time of the oven.

3:"bolo" is a word that originally means "Cake" in Portuguese.

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