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March 01, 2009


March 1, 2009 03:32 PM | cooked , microwave , recipes , staple

Bagel Image*Outline
The texture like the bagel can be firmly put out though the pancake mix etc. are used. A profound feeling and moderate sweetness are exactly suitable for sweets and meal.

Bagel Image*Ingredients
Pancake mix:150g

Potato starch:100g


Salad oil:1 teaspoon

Black sesame:1 teaspoon

Sugar:1 big spoon

1:A pancake mix, potato starch, a yogurt, salad oil, and black sesame are put in the bowl and mix it by the hand for about 10 minutes. It hardens gradually while mixing it. It covers the bowl with the Saranwrap and time is put for about 10 minutes when becoming the stiffness of the earlobe.

2:The water 1 liter is put in the pan and 1 big spoon of sugar is added. And, boil it.

3:3 capitation of '1' and make it to the wheel.

4:'2' is made a low flame. And, '3' is put and one side is boiled for 30 seconds.

5:'4' is cut and moisture is cut on the cooking seat.

6:'5' is burnt for 15 minutes with the oven of 200 degrees.


1:You may respectively put on the cooking seat when boiling with the hot water, and burning with the oven and cook.

2:The bagel of the cocoa flavor can be done by mixing the cocoa melted with a small amount of hot water in another container when the material is mixed.

3:The elasticity of the amount contents increases the scratch of the turn if glutinous rice flour is used instead of potato starch though the feeling decreases.

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