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March 10, 2009

Egg shutting of bean sprout and minced meat

March 10, 2009 03:34 PM | cooked , egg , main , meat , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Egg shutting of bean sprout and minced meat Image*Outline
The side dish with which the volume feeling overflows can be made only from a certain ingredient near oneself. Moreover, the calorie is also low. It puts on meal even if eating as it is and as for the bowl rice, it is delicious.

Egg shutting of bean sprout and minced meat Image*Ingredients
Bean sprout:1/2 bags

Combination snore meat:100 grams

Egg:1 piece


White radish sprouts:1/4 bunches

Salad oil:1 teaspoon

Noodle soup:100cc

1:The egg is mixed well. The Welsh onion is cut diagonal and thinly. The white radish sprouts is cut in the length of 2 centimeters.

2:The salad oil is added to the frying-pan. And, heat it by the medium flame. And, the combination snore meat is burnt. The color in respect where it touches the frying-pan changes. Then, divide into several masses.

3:The noodle soup is added to the frying-pan. And, the Welsh onion of '1' is put when boiling.

4:Meat in the frying-pan is upset. And, the bean sprout is added to the frying-pan. In addition, the egg of '1' is put on the bean sprout evenly.

5:The fire of the frying-pan is stopped and cap it. And, wait as it is for about 3 minutes, and it steams.

6:'5' is moved to the plate and white radish sprouts are put up.


1:Please add the water of 100cc to one big spoon of the soy sauce when there is no noodle soup and mix it.

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